The McAdam's Fish story

McAdam’s Fish was born out of founder Rob McAdam’s passions: fishing, environmental sustainability, and delicious sushi. 

Life-long fisherman Rob McAdam started McAdam's Fish in 2011 after realizing how hard it was to find a sustainable version of his favorite food: sushi. In fact, the whole supply chain for sashimi-quality tuna was obscure at best, and fraudulent at worst. His solution was one that sounded impossible to most people familiar with commercial fishing: own and operate his own fleet of albacore fishing boats to catch each fish one at a time, by hand. 

Today, McAdam’s Fish is the only fully owned and operated fleet of albacore fishing boats in the United States. Rob and his captains have earned a reputation among sushi chefs around the world for having the best-tasting, most sustainable albacore. And they’re excited to bring that same quality directly to your kitchen.