Spicy Tuna Maki Rolls

This quick and easy recipe utilizes our canned tuna to bring you the familiar flavors of spicy tuna sushi rolls - no sushi counter required.  




1 cucumber

1 carrot 

1 green onion 

2 cups of sushi rice 

1 can of McAdam's Fish albacore 

2 Tbsp kewpie mayonnaise (or your choice brand) 

1-2 tbsp sriracha (depending on your heat tolerance) 


To make the spicy tuna mixture, combine sriracha and mayonnaise until your ideal spice level is reached. Then combine this with the tuna. Taste and season with a pinch of salt or a squeeze of lemon if desired. 

To roll the sushi: 

Place nori sheet on the sushi roller with the lined side up. spread about 1/4 cup of room temp sushi rice onto the bottom half of the nori sheet, making sure it is even, goes all the way to the edges and not too pressed down. 

Place a 3 tablespoons of spicy tuna mixture along the bottom of the rice and nori sheet, followed by vegetables of your choosing (carrots, cucumber or leave this out). Starting at the bottom end of the nori sheet, roll the sushi away from you making sure that the ingredients stay in place. Continue rolling until you reach the top of the nori sheet, then wet the flap to seal. 

Remove maki from roller and place on a cutting board, waiting at least 30 second to slice so that the nori softens. Slice into 8 pieces with a very sharp knife and enjoy!