But it's frozen!

A common misconception about seafood is that fresh is best. In fact, the vast majority of fish that you find in sushi restaurants or at your local grocery store have been previously frozen. By flash-freezing our fish onboard our boats as soon as they’re caught, we stop the clock on freshness and ensure you get the highest quality fish possible. And the health benefits? Freezing locks those in as well so you can feel good knowing your frozen albacore is as full of healthy fats as the day it was caught. 

Buying frozen fish is not only the most sustainable choice, it’s also the best way to ensure you are getting the freshest, highest quality, and most nutritious fish available. 

McAdam's Fish albacore is flash-frozen onboard immediately after it's caught to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and stays frozen until it reaches your door. It can be stored in your home freezer for up to 2 years without any impact to quality, flavor, or texture.